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We are hiring construction workers and supervisors.
Contratamos trabajadores. Ofrecemos buen sueldo y prestaciones. ¡Contáctanos!

Job content

1. Civil construction supervisor (1st class or 2nd class) for public and private works. Including site inspections, analyzing and quoting, work programing, construction supervising.


2. Construction workers. Experience not required, just good will to work in an exiting environment. 


1. For civil construction supervisors is required the license of 1st or 2nd class supervisor, and driver license.

2. For construction workers no licenses are required. We support our workers to gradually get licenses.


1.【Wage】250,000~500,000 yen per month(Depending on experience and licenses and includes 25 hours of extra time).

 Example:2nd Class civil construction supervisor with 300,000 yens per month

 Basic salary 250,900 yen+ 25 hours of extra time 49,100 yen.

 Example:1st Class1 civil construction supervisor with 400,000 yens per month

 Basic salary 334,600 yen + 25 hours of extra time 65,400 yen.
※The Basic salary depends on experience and ability
​※※Extra time above 25 hours is payed completely 

【Bonus】2 times per year(August・December)
【Salary Up】One time every year
【Allowances】Extra time・Commuting・Qualification/License
【Severance payment】Severance payment allowance

2. For construction workers please ask. We offer competent wages and conditions!

Working place

We are based in Ibaraki prefecture, where we have most of our working sites regularly. But we operate nation wide in Japan, and eventually we go to other places in Japan for relatively short periods of time.

Working hours

【Work hours】 8:00〜17:30 ※It could vary depending on specific site conditions

【Break time】 90 minutes every day

【Holidays】 Weekends, Official holidays、others.

【Extra time】 Extra time is payed when above 35 hours per month

Other benefits

■  iPhone and Laptop PC
We assign an iPhone to each worker to enable remote work and communication.

To specialized staff a PC is also assigned.

■ License acquisition support system and allowances
The company pays for all the process for acquiring licenses.
Examples: Skill courses, Special education, supervisor licenses, and so on.


■ Working uniform and security shoes
Working uniform includes: Polo shirts, pants, jacket, and shoes.

■ Social security and retirement system
Health insurance / welfare pension /  unemployment insurance / accident insurance / Inhouse retirement plan.


■ Annual payed leaves
Usable since the first day of work.

KURAKEN Characteristics

Our company's features]
・Qualification and license acquisition support
・Moving expenses support
・Ibaraki Prefecture Work Style Reform Outstanding Company
・2 days off per week, 124 days off per year
・Remote work possible
・Transactions with foreign companies
・Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Spanish)
・ You can load both civil engineering and electricity carriers.
 There are few companies nationwide that can perform integrated construction of civil engineering and electrical work, and they have a high advantage
・ ICT construction equipment, GNSS surveying, drones, etc.
We are also actively incorporating new technologies in the industry

[Examples of people enrolled]
・ 20s who have not decided their goals yet but are confident in their physical strength
・ Inexperienced 20s who changed jobs from different industries and different occupations
・Late 20s who want a job that will lead to their next career, although they do not have an academic background or work history
・ 20s who are not good at communication and want to work silently
・ 40s who emphasize family and private life

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