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Kuramochi Construction Industry was formed in 1966 by Koichi Kuramochi as a civil engineering contractor at Ibaraki Prefecture. In the early 1970’s  Kuramochi Construction Industry Co.Ltd was established with capital of 2.5 million yen and Koichi Kuramochi was appointed as President and Respective Director of the company. Over the years the company has undertaken several projects from government federal agencies and experiences in project management services and related engineering works.

In 1996, the company had increased capital to 10 million yen with the completion of various projects. Yoshihiro Kuramochi was appointed as the new president of the company in the year 2000. By the year 2009-10 general construction licensed industries (pipe construction business, water facility construction business) had been added and achieved Certification registration of the prefecture's first "Eco Action 21 Environmental Management System" (Ministry of the Environment) as a construction industry (civil engineering / pavement). By this time, the company changed emblem to current form and had registered with Ibaraki Child-rearing Support. Solar power plant construction business had also started by the year 2018 and electrical construction division had been in progress.



Welcome to the website of our company. With your blessings, the company has successfully moving forward with several new projects.

Kuramochi Kensetsu Kogyo was founded in 1966 in Ibaraki Prefecture and is now in its 56th year. Since our establishment, we have been involved in the development of local industry and economy, aiming to create a society where people can live in peace as a "manufacturing" company. We have also made a contribution to the local community through our volunteer work and recovery from natural disasters.

I like new things.
Whenever I see something new in an electronics shop, I tend to reach for it. I want to touch and use something for the first time, and if it doesn't work, I enjoy it too.
I feel that new things contain the future.

ICT in the construction industry, maintaining infrastructure in an age of declining birthrates and an ageing population, and dealing with large-scale infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus - these are all issues that are not straightforward.
But if my employees have any suggestions, I am sure I will say, "Why not? The important thing, I believe, is that we are willing to move forward.


Yoshihiro Kuramochi



  • To make a construction company that is rooted in the local community, yet has a global presence.

  • A construction company that does not rely solely on existing technologies, but continues to introduce new technologies from Japan and overseas.

  • A construction company that faces all forms of poverty.

Vision to 2025

  • We aim to carry out renewable energy related works overseas.

  • We aim to use ICT construction equipment for 75% of our heavy equipment fleet.

  • We aim to increase the number of employees to 50 and to improve the division of labour to make it easier for employees to work.

  • To start a business activity to support child poverty, health and welfare issues.

  • Aiming for zero carbon, 25% of the company's vehicles will be electric.


  • Public Works
    ・Ibaraki Prefecture ・Bando City
  • General Civil Engineering Work
  • Civil Engineering Work for Solar Plant


Company Name

Kuramochi Kensetsu,ltd

Head Office

1172-29, Heta, Bando shi, Ibaraki prefecture, 306-0632, Japan


Kenkyugakuen Office

B-CUBE B, 5-4-4, Kenkyugakuen, Tsukuba shi, Ibaraki prefecture,3050817, Japan

Tsukuba Office

Daiwa Roynet Hotel 2F, 1-5-7, Azuma, Tsukuba shi, Ibaraki prefecture,
3050031, Japan

Tokyo Office

Grand Mere Roppongi, 5-18-19, Roppongi, Minato ku, Tokyo,106-0032, Japan


Yoshihiro Kuramochi

Year of Establishment

November, 1966


23(as of July 1, 2021)


Civil Work engineering
Electrical Work engineering
Construction of telecom facility
Sales of materials

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