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We are working actively on promoting various work style reforms with the motto of  "Changing the image of the construction Industry".
We are particularly focusing on ICT through, in addition to making operations online, we are also introducing ICT for heavy machinery.
Introducing a full weekly two-day system, which was said to be difficult in the construction industry.
We also strive to create a comfortable working environment, such as support for qualification acquisition costs.
Smart Office
"Smart office plan" is one of the businesses that Kuramochi Construction Industry is trying to gear in the future. The school buildings which have been closed mainly in Tsubaki city have been a headache for the local government. Our plan is to install solar panels and wind turbines on the ground there and storage batteries on the walls to reduce greenhouse gases such as CO2. It will make a sustainable society and suburbs go well together. Our aim will be turning closed schools into a smart office.
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